Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Nights of Fate Update

New Races
The Good: All new. Phydalons and Dowutin have unique properties beyond the normal fluff that might make them interesting picks.
The Bad: Nothing

New Specializations
The Good: On theme. Steel Hand Adept and Juyo Berserker will net you lots of unique talents.
The Bad: I still think powers having conflict cost just for knowing them is dumb. Colossus is a bit lackluster and one could probably achieve much better results spending xp elsewhere.

New Signature Abilities
The Good: Unmatched Ferocity has huge potential to stack with other stuff and be incredibly epic, but is reasonably counterbalanced with strain and conflict cost.
The Bad: Deadly Reputation is a balance pick designed 'i think' to act as a sort of catch-all to help Warrior characters that may be lacking in other areas. It's not a strictly 'bad' signature ability, but it is a bit boring and doesn't feel very Warrior.

New Gear
The Good: Several neat new weapons. decent variety. Even a couple new vehicle weapons if your willing to make up some rarity and price stats.
The Bad: When you make an entire call out for a cool special weapon like the Arakyd Industires Caltrop-5 Chaff Gun, whey the hell wouldn't you just FULLY stat out the item??

New Vehicles
The Good: Good selection of smaller and less costly vehicles. Fills some of the hole in what i think of as 'personal' (non-party) vehicle options.
The Bad: Nothing.

New Game Mechanics
The Good:
     Mindful Assessment is a fun mechanic that can help boost story and round out some of the potentially less dynamic aspects of a Warrior character.
     Warrior Rewards again help warrior characters to boost some of their non-combat oriented abilities.
     Followers and Assets is a really interesting mechanic that could provide some really interesting mechanical support to Warriors and be easily adapted for other careers as well. This will be particularly helpful to groups with few players or party's with few 'social' character.
The Bad: Followers and Assets could be pretty chucky and difficult to deal with. As much as I enjoy new mechanics that seem to add real benefit, i'm not always interested in adding more 'work' for the players or GM to do.

TLDR: Nights of Fate is about what I have come to expect from FFG career supplements. It provides a little bit of everything. There isn't anything terrible about this one and it has some neat new mechanics along with solid career specializations.

Over all score: 5 of 10

I've updated the Warrior and Force power trees to include material from this book.

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