FFG Star Wars Role Play Character Sheet
one sheet that is Compatible with
Edge of the Empire
Age of Rebellion
Force and Destiny

Character Sheet (4 pages)  Now With Lightsaber and custom skill DDL  -Everyone thank Scott Rupp for the major assist!
    Character Sheet Printer Friendly. (4 pages)

Character SheetB (4 pages. less talent space with 2 more force power spaces)   Now With Lightsaber and custom skill DDL  -Everyone thank Scott Rupp for the major assist!
    Character SheetB Printer Friendly. (4 pages. less talent space with 2 more force power spaces)

by request
A single weapon/armor page with no cybernetics. (can be combined with other pdf's with no ill issues [that i'm aware of])


Older Sheets.

Character Sheet. (4 pages)
     Character Sheet Printer Friendly. (4 pages)
Group Sheet. (2 pages)
     Group Sheet Printer Friendly. (2 pages)
Notes Sheet. (1 page)
     Notes Sheet Printer Friendly. (1 Page)
Quest Log Printer Friendly. (1 page)

Vehicle Sheets. (2 pages)

separated vehicle sheets.

Small Special Vehicle Sheet. (1 page)

(all printer friendly)

Ace  -AoR
 Driver, Gunner, Pilot, Beast Rider, Hotshot, Rigger
     Signature Abilities: This one is Mine, Unmatched Survivability

Bounty Hunter  -EotE
Assassin, Gadgeteer, Survivalist, Martial Artist, Operator, Skip Tracer
     Signature Abilities: Always Get My Mark, Unmatched Devastation

Colonist  -EotE
Doctor, Entrepreneur, Marshal, Performer, Politico, Scholar
     Signature Abilities: Insightful Revelation, Unmatched Expertise

Commander  -AoR
Commodore, Squadron Leader, Tactician, Figurehead, Instructor, Strategist
    Signature Abilities: Rousing Oratory, Unmatched Authority

Consular -FaD
Healer, Niman Disciple, Sage, Arbiter, Ascetic, Teacher
     Signature Abilities: Much To Learn, Unmatched Negotiation

Diplomat  -AoR
 Agitator, Ambassador, Quartermaster, Advocate, Analyst, Propagandist
     Signature Abilities: Diplomatic Solution, Unmatched Insight

Engineer  -AoR
Mechanic, Saboteur, Scientist, Droid Specialist, Sapper, Shipwright
     Signature Abilities: The Harder They Fall, Unmatched Ingenuity

Explorer  -EotE
Archaeologist, Big-Game Hunter, Driver, Fringer, Scout, Trader
     Signature Abilities: Sudden Discovery, Unmatched Mobility

Force Powers
Enhance,Foresee  -AoR
Influence,Move,Sense  -EotE
Bind, Heal/Harm, Manipulate, Misdirect, Protect/Unleash, Seek, Suppress, Farsight, Warde's Foresight, Ebb/Flow, Imbue, Jerserra's Insight.  -FaD

Guardian -FaD
Peacekeeper, Protector, Soresu Defender, Armorer, Warden, Warleader
    Signature Abilities: Fated Duel, Unmatched Heroism

Hired Gun  -EotE
Body Guard, Demolitionist, Enforcer, Heavy, Marauder, Mercenary
     Signature Abilities:  Last One Standing, Unmatched Protection

Mystic -FaD
Advisor, Makashi Duelist, Seer

Seeker -FaD
Ataru Striker, Hunter, Pathfinder, Executioner, Hermit, Navigator
    Signature Abilities: Unexpected Demise, Unmatched Pursuit

Sentinel -FaD
Artisan, Shadow, Shien Expert, Investigator, Racer, Sentry
    Signature Abilities: My City, Unmatched Vigilance

Smuggler  -EotE
Charmer, Gambler, Gunslinger, Pilot, Scoundrel, Thief
    Signature Abilities: Narrow Escape, Unmatched Fortune

Soldier  -AoR
Commando, Medic, Sharpshooter, Heavy, Trailblazer, Vanguard
    Signature Abilities: The Bigger They Are..., Unmatched Courage

Spy  -AoR
Infiltrator, Scout, Slicer

Technician  -EotE
Mechanic, Outlaw Tech, Slicer, Cyber Tech, Droid Tech, Modder
    Signature Abilities: Inventive Creation, Unmatched Calibration

Warrior -FaD
Aggressor, Shii-Cho Knight, Starfighter Ace

Universal Specialization Trees
Recruit, Force Sensitive Emergent, Force Sensitive Exile,
Force Adherent, Imperial Academy Cadet, Padawan Survivor, Pirate, Retired Clone Trooper, Ship Captain,

ALL  -  up to Ghosts of Dathomir
Every specialization, force power and signature ability.

Character Sheet
(page1, character sheet) Added places to record the following information; number of critical hits suffered, encumbrance values, force rank and pool values, status effects, extra custom skill slots.
(page 2, character description sheet) No added info on this one, just added space.
(page 3, armor/weapons/cybernetics sheet) This page includes info for your armor and three weapons, these three weapons are also displayed in the bottom three slots of the weapon entry on page 1. There is expanded places for attachments and mods to each of these items as well as damage indicators. I added a place to keep track of what cybernetic implants you have and what their benefits are, as well as whether they are currently functional or not.
(page 4, personal acquisitions sheet) On the top left I added a place to keep track of recurring income. On the top right is a place to keep track of how much and to whom you owe any credits. Encumbrance tracker, also displayed on page 1 for convenience. A section for worn/generally carried items (I use this space as a way of basically saying “unless I say otherwise, this is what I assume I have on me at all times).

Group Sheet
(page 1, group information sheet) Added a place for shared character benefits, a place where you can keep track of bonuses that other party members may give, that help you out. Added a space to keep track of available group objectives as well as important enemies.
(page 2, group assets sheet) Standard information for group property as well as income/credits. Also added a place to keep track of contacts, because when it comes to assets sometimes it’s all about who you know.

Notes Sheet
Nothing to special, just a bunch of spaces to keep different kinds of notes.

Vehicle Sheets
(small vehicle sheet) This is missing some info that is not required by larger ships. Added Current speed tracker, additional components list and damage indicators for components and weapons.
(large vehicle sheet) Has additional information relevant to larger ships such as carried craft and additional defense zones.
(Small special vehicle sheet) Is a combination of formatting from the large and small vehicle sheets in order to more easily record info for silhouette 4 or less ships that are also capable of carrying other ships.


  1. The sheets look great, but there is a big problem with them; they can't be saved with filled information.

    1. I can assure you, the sheets can be saved with entered data.
      The problem most likely lay in the particular program you are using to view them. Many pdf viewers (even Adobe Reader) do not allow or have access to the ability to save the pdf. they do just what they say, they allow you to 'read' a pdf, and that's about it.
      This is a common problem, and i'm sure that if you were to ask the oracle Google, it would help you solve this dilemma.

    2. Yes, they can be saved if you open them in something like the full version of Adobe Acrobat, but most people I know don't have that because it's extremely expensive.
      I managed to make your character sheet and notes sheet Adobe Reader savable by opening it in Adobe Acrobat XI and doing File -> Save As Other... -> Reader Extended PDF -> Enable More Tools (includes form fill-in & save)... , but I couldn't get this to work for any of the other sheets.

    3. Apologies..
      I get the feeling that perhaps my last message conveyed the wrong tone.
      I was not trying to be rude in any way.
      I am NOT an Adobe pro. I really had no idea what was causing your issue nor how to fix it. Not one of the people I know has ever had the problem of not being able to save the file, despite the fact that most of them use various versions of Adobe Reader. So I have never had the opportunity or need to troubleshoot the problem directly.
      I had and have only ever heard of this problem from others.

      In the name of good craftsmanship however, and since I have a fan out there (yay!) who has a problem (boo.)
      I did some due diligence today to figure out what this issue is all about.
      It seems your method is quite accurate as the files were lacking in some kind of 'permissions' for reader.

      I learned some things and I have adjusted my files accordingly. I have uploaded the new "open permissions" versions already.
      Please give them a try and see if they work for you without having to go through the process yourself.

      Hopefully everything works well and if it doesn't, then by golly i'll see what else I can do.

      I may never know why it works for so many, and not for others.. :\
      For you and all the others who may be having this issue, I hope it's resolved.
      Thanks for paying attention to my material :)

    4. Looks like you managed to fix it, a thousand thanks :)

      The sheets look and function absolutely great, thank you for taking the time to make these for the EotE community.

    5. This is 3 years later, but I'm having this problem with the Talent Tree files. Are they intentionally unsaveable, or is it my software?

    6. I also seem to have this issue (love the sheets by the way... girlfriend pestered me into moving to the coloured one from the printer friendly one... because 'Shiny' apparently).

      Also, is there any reason not to separate the feat trees into single sheets per specialization? I feel like 2nd careers are as likely to be universal or force sensitive rather than from the same career, so it would be nice to just have single page sheets.

      Thanks for the clearly large amount of effort that's gone into these.

  2. Have any other Mac users mentioned problems with font sizes in certain fields? Like, where the fonts that show up being so huge that the section in question is basically useless?

    Maybe I just don't have the right fonts installed or something?

    Is there anything I can do to help debug these problems?

  3. If one wished to learn how to create and edit PDFs, such as you have done with the character sheets, where would one start?

  4. Hey Bastion Kain,
    Just wanted to thank you for creating these awesome fillables, my group and I really appreciate them, they're beautiful! I do have a few small comments, your custom quest sheet isnt fillable (at least not on my pc), and theres no place for generic critical on the ship sheet, is there any way I can edit your sheets or does it require Adobe Pro?

    Either way, thanks a bunch! Hope your still around because we love your content!
    -Anonymous Trandoshan

  5. Unfortunately, I'm also finding an issue. I can fill out the sheets online and export them to a PDF, but when I download the sheets to my computer they won't autocalculate the dice pools. Any suggestions?

    1. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that you are 'exporting' to PDF. this is likely creating a completely new Pdf out of the image your looking at. you need to download the original and open it in Adobe Acrobate/Reader to utilize all the auto fill features.

      this is my best guess, as i have said before, i am not an adobe professional, just a hobbyist.

  6. Hello,
    First off let me say that this is the best sheet I've found. Great work. I was wondering if you are planning to release similar sheets for the Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny(when it comes out) games?

    Thanks for your great work,


    1. Thank you very much. :)

      I didn't add anything to my sheets when Age of Rebellion came out because it is so similar to Edge of the Empire, that i didn't feel it was necessary to maintain compatibility. When I get my hands on a final release copy of Force and Destiny, I will read it and decide if I need to add or update anything to my sheets. The goal for these sheets was to be compatible with all three of Fantasy Flights Star Wars RPG "campaign settings".

      keep in mind though, my free time is dramatically reduced due to having a baby, so i'm not really sure how fast i'll be able to get to this stuff.

  7. Anyone know if this is still watched by the author?

    1. I check occasionally. Though I had my first baby recently so it has been a while.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey! Congratulations on the baby! From my experience I would say you're lucky to have even reduced free time. ;-) Unfortunately for me, I am worse than useless when it comes to building character sheets like this, but I did have a couple of ideas to bounce off you. Please take it for what it's worth and not some troll demanding things.

    1) On the first page I would remove the redundant weapon section (as you have a better and more detailed weapon and armor section) and put in a spot for force powers instead (similar to the Force and Destiny sheet). I would also change the color of the letters on the status effects from black to white as they are currently very difficult to read. If you want the sheet to be compatible with all three games I would also suggest Changing the logo to just Star Wars RPG or something like that if you don't want to make sheets for all three games.

    2)On the second page, I would have a space for all of the mechanics (obligation, duty, and morality, not just obligation) as some story tellers, myself included use multiple types in the games they run. There's plenty of room there on the bottom half of the sheet to include them all. If possible I would try to extend the talents a bit more as they pile up quickly.

    Pages three and four are masterpieces. Those suggestions are a wishlist of what I think would make your already great sheet even better. As I previously stated, I have no idea how time sensitive that would be or if it's even possible.

    Anyhoo, thanks for all that you've already done.

    1. All good suggestions. I will take them in to consideration when updating (which I plan to do as soon as I can). Already got some work done on that logo concept.. wheee
      The only one that I am not sure how to squeeze in, is the space for force powers. that is going to be very tricky or impossible without a complete and total re-mapping I think. I'm still going to give it a shot... stupid force powers... all non-standard and shit...

  10. Also, I realize that your time is limited and would be happy to compensate you for a sheet my group and I would consistently use.

    1. might mention it in my next main post, but I added a Donate button to the main page.(you are not the only person to offer funds in exchange for goods). If you feel compelled at any point to be a wonderful human being and support my efforts in a monetary fashion, you can do so by clicking that button. I don't expect money, but i'm sure as heck not gonna say no.

  11. Bastion -
    As others have said, yours is by far one of the best character/ship sheets out there. I'd like to make a few minor tweaks to customize the character sheet and small ship sheet for our table - would you be willing to release an unlocked version to allow editing?
    Either way, thanks for all of your work...
    (Also - your ship related house rules just got added to our table-set. nicely done)

    1. adam warner got it right, they are not locked, it's just a matter of saving them in the correct way I believe.
      also, to what Ship related house rules are you referring (curious what others are adapting specifically)

  12. To anyone who is looking for an "unlocked" version of Bastion's wonderful PDF here, simply "Save as Copy", problem solved.

  13. I noticed you said you were thinking about updating the character sheet. The only things I think it needs are force powers and, in my humble opinion, more room for talents (I realize a lot of games don't get that far, but still). Personally, I think with force powers you could make it a 5th (optional) page, since not everyone is going to have them.

  14. Hi, excellent sheets! What font do I need for the dice characters to display properly?

    1. In the fillable character sheet, the font that is used to display the skill and ability stuff is WingDings I believe.

    2. I love, love your character sheet. BUT, I'm running into the same problem I've seen with others. Instead of the dice symbols auto filling out, I get weird upside down question marks. Is the WingDings font not embedded?

    3. From my understanding, this happens when a font is used, but not embedded into the PDF. Can you recreate it but embed all the fonts used?

      I love your character sheet, but without all the fonts it has problems for me.

  15. Are you planning to add in an option to change which stat the lightsaber comes from? All of the form experts have a class feature that lets you change the characteristic that the lightsaber pulls from. For example the Sentinel's Shien Expert can use cunning instead of brawn. Also you cannot set the characteristic for the custom skills.

  16. Hello! Really love your character sheets, on your sheet that has a force pool for FaD characters, is there a way you could make a sheet where Lightsaber is an Agility based skill and not Brawn for my personal game?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I really love these sheets but have to ask: Has the author or anyone else got a copy of the character sheet which displays the dice pools for skills correctly? I've been trying to fix the font myself, but I keep getting lost in adobe and making a mess of it.

    1. Please ignore my previous comment, I just fixed it with some help/troubleshooting with my housemate. All I needed to do to fix the weird yellow Á's and green ¿'s was install a missing font on my computer. In case anyone else has the same problem it was either Wingdings 2 or Wingdings 3, not sure which as I installed both.

  19. When will you be adding the "Fly Casual" specializations to the Smugglers talent trees?

  20. I honestly thought I had.
    I'll try to remedy the problem soon.
    Also hoping to get the new Guardian trees up as well.

  21. Thanks for the awesome sheets. Is there a printer friendly version of the vehicle sheets? :)

  22. I know you're really busy, but I have a request if you find you have the time. Nobody that I'm aware of has made NPC sheets designed for Nemeses--some kind of half-page or one-page affair. Such a sheet would also be good for companion NPCs like astromechs. You make such wonderful sheets that you seemed like the best person to ask.

  23. I added a drop down to the two main character sheets for the lightsaber skill. It can now be used in conjunction with each characteristic. Here are the links to the files on my Google Drive...

    Sheet A:

    Sheet B:

    1. Thank you very much you wonderful person you. I'm sure many will appreciate it.

    2. I decided to add drop downs to the custom skills too. And I put the files in a folder so their easier to share.

      And thanks! My group use a lot of the sheets you made, I find it only fair to help improve them.

  24. Hi. My group and I love your custom character sheets, especially the one where a player can customize their armor, weapons and cybernetics.

    I would like to request if you can make an extra sheet that has only armor and weapons. Right now, I'm able to simply print out another page but my party doesn't need more than one sheet with cybernetics, so another one with just Armor and Weapons would be more resourceful.

    1. DONE
      (check the top)
      hope that's enough to satisfy.

    2. It's great! It will defiantly be helpful for my friends and I.


  25. Can you make print friendly versions of your vehicle sheets? Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately at this time making printer friendly versions of the Ship sheets is prohibitively time consuming. I have almost completely stopped creating new ships for a variety of reasons.
      In the future I may be looking in to re-working my ship sheets from the ground up in some way and at that time, I will try to incorporate a printer friendly capability. This future though, is likely far far away.

  26. Just curious how current the spec trees are, I'm noticing some missing links between talents in the Guardian: Protector tree in the PDFs that are in the Force and Destiny core rulebook. Specifically between column 4:rows 1 and 2, and between column 4:, rows 2 and 3. The links are there in the core rulebook but not in the PDFs, so just curious if you're privy to some errata that is more current than the first edition printings. It looks like FFG hasn't put out any official errata on their website yet but I've been digging through some forum posters who've taken it upon themselves to compile various sources from FFG's podcasts, etc that answered faqs and erratas for the rules.

    1. You are quite (frustratingly) correct.
      Unfortunately I made a mistake here.
      Thank you for pointing it out.
      I will correct this some time in the next couple days.

    2. No worries! I was more frustrated that when I got curious and went looking for any sort of errata that they (FFG) haven't put anything out. Thank you so much for making these! Since I don't have access to a scanner, these sheets are a Yoda-send.

    3. all relevant pdfs should now be corrected.

  27. Me and some friends have just stepped foot into the FaD world. In reality its also our first time playing anything like this. I was wondering if there are any signature abilities for the mystic, consular, and warrior classes.

  28. These sheets (and the material in the Depot) are so awesome! I just started in an EotE campaign and these make it so much easier at the table! Thanks a ton!

    Also, what software do you use to create these?

  29. Thanks for the compliments. Im glad your getting good use from them.

    I use word, excel, gimp and adobe acrobat 9 to create most of this stuff.

  30. Thanks for the compliments. Im glad your getting good use from them.

    I use word, excel, gimp and adobe acrobat 9 to create most of this stuff.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Hi Bastion,

    First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put these character sheets and talent trees together. My players love the character sheets, and we are just getting started using the talent trees.

    I noticed a few things with the (Custom - All) sheets I wanted to share to see if I can help make them even more awesome. This was my first pass, so I apologize if these suggestions have been presented before. I would offer to help, but yeah I am not even close to having the correct software for graphic design!

    All Talent Trees:
    **Passive/Active indicators: The graphic has black text but the rest of the talents have white text. Perhaps adjust to white to increase visibility, consistency in the trees, and with the source books?

    **Force Sensitive Only icon: I appreciate the awesome design, but I would like to offer the suggestion to change this to something else like a starburst, half-star burst on the talent outer edge, or at least change the fill to white with black outline borders. Moving/redesigning the icon might take more work, but I think it will enhance the overall presentation and help with text crowding. Also, this might also allow placement for the conflict symbol in this space.

    Currently, at first glance these are really easy to confuse with conflict talents vs a force sensitive talent. The conflict talents are actually easier to miss with this structure due to placement and coloring and should be the reverse in my opinion.

    My minimal work suggestion is to flip the conflict/FS icon placement and make the FS icon white with black borders. This would be an easier adjustment, increase visibility in the title bar of the icon, and also provide more room in the text box when conflict isn't present while really drawing attention to the conflict talents while keeping in line with your desired style.

    Talent Header Visibility:
    **These suggestions fall into the creating easier to read talent headers. I will list a few specs and talents to help you get the idea but the whole list might need a pass if they are adjusted.

    Figurehead -
    **Improved Commanding Presence: This is awesome and a great example of enhancements for the small text issue.

    Healer -
    **Improved healing trance and calming aura: Great examples of wrapping text for impoved reading.

    Doctor -
    **Improved and Supreme Stim application talents: The header seems to be a bit small compared the the others making it somewhat difficult to read.

    Marshal -
    **Improved Hard Headed/Unrelenting Skeptic: Much like the doctor the text is small.

    Politico -
    **Supreme Inspiring Rhetoric and Scathing Tirade: Small header text.

    Scholar -
    **Knowledge Specialization: Small header text.

    Commodore -
    **Commanding Presence: Small header text.

    Figurehead -
    **Improved Inspiring Rhetoric: Another small header text.

    Strategist/ Cyber Tech/ Droid Tech / Modder -
    **Passive/Active boxes are side by side and not stacked like the rest. Active and ranked is cut off at the bottom.

    Executioner -
    **Marked for Death/Essential Kill: Missing capitalization on first word.

    Force Abilities -
    **Enhance: All force point icons should be the half and half icons.

    **Forsee: All force point icons should be the half and half icons.

    **Influence: Last line of basic power, Range, Magnitude, Control, and Duration should be the force point half and half icon and not the solid one.

    **Move: All force point icons should be the half and half icons.

    **Sense: All force point icons should be the half and half icons.

    1. I appreciate your suggestions and comments.
      If i have the time and energy, i may implement some of these suggestions.

      If doing this was my full time job, you damn right i would be all over these inconsistencies and inaccuracies because i hate knowing they are there....

      Unfortunately, I am one guy doing this for free (with recognition for the few small donations from some very nice individuals) in my precious spare time, so it is unlikely that i will go back and change anything that is already completed.

  33. Great resources. The only thing I wish'ed you had was a sheet for listing all of a character's Force Powers with room for all upgrades for each Power. all of the sheets I've found, including the ones here only fit 3-6 Powers and don't leave enough room in each block to fit all of the upgrades each power has. It's not enough to simply say Control (1, 2, etc.), since each upgrade block (even of the same base type (Control, Strength, Magnitude, etc) can cover widely different effect. Control upgrades are notorious for this.

    1. I have started to have a similar space issue in my game.
      My suggestion, if you have that many Force Powers and Upgrades, is to just print out the relevant specialization pages for your Force powers and add them to the back of your character sheet.

      I may change my mind as my own character(s) gain more force abilities, but for the moment i feel that the sheets the way i have them are just fine for low-mid level force campaigns, and for high force focus campaigns, printing out the force specializations is an easy enough and more accurate way to keep track of ones powers.

  34. Hi. And yes this IS the blog I'm looking for. Thanks for everything so far looking forward to the new soldier and eventually sentinel trees. Was wondering if possible and if have the time if we could get a sheet with all the known cybernetics (cost rarity and what it does) along with all the weapon attachments ( same as above) if your unable it's cool I know it's lots of work

    1. in the Rules and Regulations tab, there is a link for my Book of Stuff.

      This is a list of pretty much every item in the game. It's basically just one giant spread sheet (like the ones in the books) but all combined and condensed. in the Book of Stuff, you can see 'most' of the pertinent information.

      unfortunately, in order to maintain at least some semblance of legality and to encourage people to actually purchase the products they are using, i have not included (and have no plans to) the full text descriptions of the items.

  35. Hi,

    thank you for your excellent work. These PDFs are really helpful.

    I found a minor error too - some talents have "close range" listed in their description, but at personal scale, there is only "short range".

    At least the talent descriptions of

    - Point Blank
    - Inspiring Rhetoric
    - Scathing Tirade
    - Form on me
    - Heightened Awareness

    have this error - the other occurrences of "close range" refer to planetary scale and are (probably) correct.

    1. Thank you for the information.
      If I have the time and energy, I may go back and fix these existing errors.
      I do my best to make sure i don't make these kinds of simple mistakes, but unfortunately it's still occurs all too often.

    2. Form on Me is suppose to be Close range as it deals with spaceship combat.

      For Heightened Awareness: the full text does say "close" range. I agree it is probably suppose to be "short" range, but there is no errata to say that, so i will stick with the text.

  36. Wanted to appreciate you for making this blog, you were really on time with Endless Vigil and in an acceptable time frame for the soldier sourcebook. You've done some amazing work :)

  37. Thanks ever so much for all this work you have put into this. Like everyone else has said your work makes everything so much easier for pc creation and at the table.

    One thought... having an index page on the all talent tree list would be a big help since it is getting upwards of 120 pages now. That could make navigating it so much easier.

  38. I couldn't run this game without your sheets. They make everything as a GM much easier (less reference necessary as so much is compiled on your sheets.)

    Seriously, fantastic stuff!

  39. These are amazing as has been said many times.

    If you are still working on the Talent Trees, do you know when Forged in Battle will be added?

    1. To be more clear. I am referring to it not being in the single PDF with all trees.

    2. The ALL sheet has been updated with material through Forged in Battle.

  40. Love your sheets, they make the game so much easier to approach with limited resources (only a handful of books between all of us!) Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  41. Hey also wanted to give my thanks for these amazing sheets! Do you know if there is any way to use the custom dice symbols in other parts of the pdf? I'm using acrobat and when i try and copy them they just come up as accented characters or upside down question marks.

  42. Thank you for all your hard work!

    The All Talent Tree pdf is what I've been looking for since the folks on the Begging for XP site stopped updating theirs. BTW: Having it in one pdf is superior to them separating it by line!

    One little comment: You cannot attach a Signature Ability to a Universal Specialization (as they are not actually Career Specs). As such, you might consider removing that from the Universal Talent Trees.


  43. Wanted to see if you planned on updating these with Endless Vigil and No Disintegrations?

    Thanks again for all the effort

  44. Thanks for all of these resources! Just printed a ton of stuff from this page for a Force and Destiny Campaign I'm running. I was wondering if you plan on adding Warde's Foresight from Chronicles of the Gatekeeper to the list of Force Powers. I can get you a screenshot if you need it.

    1. I would love a screenshot. Unfortunately I don't usually buy adventure modules. so unless someone i know has it, i don't have access to the info they contain.


    3. Second this, would love to have this force power included!

    4. I have gotten a copy of this and will be working it up in the next day or two.
      It is a neat power... makes me wonder if I have missed any other super cool stuff in the adventure books (which again, I never purchase for myself). I'll have to look in to that further.

  45. I love your sheets! I've shared them with my groups and they love them too. Just caught a small mistake on the Sentinel Sentry tree. On the improved reflect, it's supposed to be useable on 3 threat, not 3 advantage.

  46. Works pretty well, it is missing the further morality Thresholds though. (Dark side 2, paragon 2, etc)

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hey There!

    Was just wondering if I could shoot you the sheets from Disciples of harmony if you hadn't come across them yet :)

    Love your work!

    1. Thank you for the offer. I just picked up this book yesterday actually and plan to work on it over the weekend. Hopefully you will be seeing my review and playing with my updated sheets soon.

  49. Hi, I love your sheets...they are so handy. However, the Printer-Friendly versions don't seem to have the custom Lightsaber skill :-(

  50. Are there sheets with two armor spots? My character has a shield... Would that go in a weapon slot or would it go in an armor slot?

  51. Can you update the pdf with all trees to the latest book?

  52. A few typos, specifically in the Biggest Fan perk of the Performer talent sheet (turn one NPZ into the Character's biggest FAM) and in the Bigger They Are... Signature ability where it says "Ma" instead of "May".

    1. Took long enough... jeez.. I finally fixed this.

  53. Hey there! First, wanted to tell you how awesome is the work you put into these - having those fillable talent sheets are a lifesaver.

    However, I just came across what seems to be a bug (?) in the Technician one - more specifically the Cyber Tech career. When you select the "Eye for detail" talent, it also trigger the "More machine than man" on the third row (and vice-versa). In the same way, the "Toughened" and "Cyberneticist" on the second row are both linked.

    I'm not sure what might be the issue, but I figured I'd let you know.

    1. I know it took a while, but I have addressed this issue. Should now be fixed.

  54. Hey mate!

    I had a copy of the new talent sheet from Ghost of Dathomir. I was wondering if you would be willing to craft it up if I send it your way?

    1. Thank you for the offer. I finally got my hands on one AND found the time to put together the sheet. It has been added to the force power all link.

  55. Awesome resource! Gambler Talents are not connected Properly, unfortunately

    1. I have corrected this error. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  56. Thank you for the great resource Bastion!

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  58. hey bastion, just curious if you got an idea on the time frame you could get masks and cyphers(spy book) and fully operational (engineer book) added? love your work.

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  60. Any chance of making fillable talent trees?

  61. Love the sheets but is there anyway to just save 1 of the career pages instead of getting all of them?.

  62. Great resource. I noticed the imbue force power is missing the connection from the basic power to the rightmost range upgrade.

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  64. Would you be willing to add the Career skills to *this* page for the different core Careers? That way you won't need to jump between Dropbox PDFs to do it.

    1. A pdf of the crafting tables would also be very useful. Weapons, Droids, etc. from Special Modifications, Armor from Keeping the Peace, Lightsabers from Endless Vigil.

      There's still the Vehicle and Force-imbued items, but we all know those books are months away.

    2. I agree about the Crafting tables. I have wanted to do something with those for a while. Unfortunately, I am trying very hard to stay within the bounds of the law and I don't believe I can legally copy information from those pages of the book for redistribution in any form. As a result, even if I did do that work, I wouldn't be allowed to share with my fans.

      As for the first thing about Career skills, i'm not sure what that is in reference to.

    3. Definitely stay legal, we need this resource too much for it to be taken down.

      What I meant with the skills is that the specializations list BONUS career skills, would you put the regular career skills here next to the different careers? So, on this page it'd read:

      -Career Skills-Astrogation, Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light)
      --Driver, Gunner, Pilot, Beast Rider, Hotshot, Rigger
      ---Signature Abilities: This one is Mine, Unmatched Survivability

      I thought you updating each pdf ("jumping" between them) might be annoying/time consuming for you, that's why I was suggesting just altering *this* page.

    4. Also, as a droid player, I'd like to ask for a Talents sheet without the Force ability stuff on the bottom. Expanding the fields for the talents so its not so tiny when I print it out.

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  66. Hello,

    Bastion Kain, is there any chance of having a blank fillable talent tree? I have made a few custom universal trees for my group but it looks horrible next to your really nice trees i have printed.


  67. These are awesome sheets.

    One note - in the Force Powers Sheet, all talents in FORSEE only show light side force points, not the light/dark point. They should be able to use either one, right, as per Force and Destiny? (Unless there was some errata on that, that I missed.)

  68. hello! this look like they would be really neat and helpful but i can't seem to get any of them from dropbox? it keeps directing me to an error 500 message? is this an error on my side? anyway, thank you!

  69. Will you be updating with new books soon? Thanks

    1. Be sure to donate (button at the top of the page) and tell your friends to too. He does this for free and all these books can get expensive.

  70. Fantastic sheets and I have made a donation in thanks for all of your hard work! Looking forward to Mystic and Warrior sheets being added. Will they be added soon? Thanks!

  71. Amazing sheets use them all the time. Your's are the only sheets that have enough space for everything. Thanks for these.

    Just one thought though could you do a vehicle sheet that's not for ships, maybe one for walkers or speeders or something more generic. Not much of a complete change more of a slight edit on the small vehicle sheet change the silhouette and change some of the wording to fit a more generic vehicle wording.

  72. Just come across this, and the character sheets are perfect.
    Is it possible to get a printer friendly versions of the 'weapon/armor page with no cybernetics' and vehicle sheets?