Thursday, April 14, 2016

Special Modifications

This is hands down, no question the best supplement that FFG has released to date for any version of its star wars RP games. It's a solid 10/10 and basically a must have for any group.

here is the worst thing i have to say about this book; the races are decent, though not terribly entrancing. That's it, every other thing about this book is pretty awesome.

The entire book is seriously on theme.
The new specialization trees are pretty cool and 2 of them are very unique.
The new signature abilities are similarly cool, unique and very versatile.
The stuff, oh... man.. there is a lot of new stuff. Basically every category has something new.
   new weapons
   new armor
   new attachments for both
   new gear
   new droids
   new tools
   new ships
   new ship attachments
and after all this new stuff... if you are missing anything... fear not..
because the back of this book has new rules for making your own items
rules for crafting;
   melee weapons
   ranged weapons
   droids (and remotes)
and new rules for Slicing encounters...
then some new suggestions for technician jobs and rewards, just to add a little extra sugar to this sweet ass book.

This is a wonderful example of what a perfect supplement book should (in a perfect world) look like all the time.

I have updated the Technician pdf.
I have updated the All Trees pdf.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nexus of Power

I look to the sector/location/region/ books for 2 things.

2* Inspiration.
1* Facts and Usable in-universe materials (locations/bad guys/ect)

Nexus of Power does a pretty good job in the Inspiration category. It has new worlds and many new locations in the form of Vergances. It also has a large section just for 'legends' of the jedi and sith. These things help to provide lots of base line concepts for development as well as sparking the imagination in other ways.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the other category, the facts and usable materials, Nexus of Power falls a bit shorter than its similar predecessors. The book has roughly the same number of locations but its a bit thin in the other categories. There are disturbingly few new baddies in this book compared to the other location books. With no equivalent to a D&D Monster Manuel, these location books have been the best and most reliable source for new baddies and it's a shame to see Nexus of Power in particular come up lacking.

Nexus of power has few new ships, a handful of new normal items.
This book has more than a couple pretty awesome and powerful new Artifacts and Talismans for Force users. Unfortunately a few of these have the potential to be so unbelievably over-powered, I would suggest to any GM to think long and hard before handing out these kinds of items.

on a final note, the new races are exceptionally average and completely lackluster.

All in all, this book is still a fun read that helps spark the imagination. Just don't count on Nexus of Power to provide you with too many toys or enemies to play with.