Friday, January 27, 2017

Shuttle Mk 1-A

This was made from only one original model, the Revel Snaptite MTT model. Unfortunately I couldn't find a great picture of the actual model product, but it's this ship.

Not sure it's really a super "kit Bash" because all I did was cut out the front, and put some extra pieces of scrap plastics in a couple places, then turn it around and give it a re-paint. Still counts as a custom mod though, so ... eh.


Shuttle Mk 1-A

Mk 1-A because it's my first shuttle and its Armed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kitbash... "Dragonfly"

The second in my custom Kitbash ships made from X-Wing miniatures game ships.

I took the remnants of my K-Wing I used in my first bash and took the wings off an ARC-170Image result for k-wingImage result for x-wing game Arc-170

I Built a rear Fin structure out of Plasticard to help balance the look and feel of the vehicle.
The tiny sensor pod on the bottom of the front is from the top forward section of a Revell Snap-Tight Rebel Cruiser (couldn't find a good picture of that piece).
put it all together and paint it.
looks like this.

You can see that at some point the fin structure warped a little (not sure how exactly) so the fin isn't as even as I would like. Also, not my best paint job ever. In the end though I am still pretty happy with the overall appearance of how this turned out.

The Lond Distance Reconnaissance Fighter is colloquially referred to as the Dragonfly. A spiritual cousin to the ARC-170 the Dragonfly is easy to pilot and very maneuverable. The Dragonfly comes loaded with advanced sensor equipment and an electronic countermeasures suite. The Dragonfly is a relatively slow craft, intended primarily for long distance reconnaissance missions into or near enemy territories. The Dragonfly does have a reasonable arsenal at its disposal, however and can find use in the thick of combat as an information gathering front-liner or a command relay ship in the rear guard.  As a slower craft, when engaged a Dragonfly pilot should always make use of its electronic countermeasures suite and maneuverability to gain the advantage. Despite relative fragility; when piloted by a good crew the Dragonfly can be pushed harder and further than most similar craft.

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's a T.R.A.P

In addition to enjoying the role play game that FFG has made for the Star Wars universe, I also collect (rarely play) FFGs X-Wing miniatures combat game as well.
During my Roleplay I have gotten occasional use of my Star Wars ships, and in general I get them because they just plain look good.

Well, I happen to dabble in a variety of hobbies including occasional arts and crafts.
Occasionally my various interests are able to line up in a way that makes me extra happy.

Today I'll share my first Star Wars X-Wing game Kit-Bash (when you use pieces from one or more models, in a re-arranged and unique way to create something new)

I Started with 1  Mist Hunter, and 1 K-Wing

Image result for X-Wing mist hunterImage result for X-Wing K-Wing

I cut them both up, and put the wings, extra engine, and lower turret of the K-Wing on to the Mist Hunter body. There was minimal re-painting needed.

Feast your eyes upon the Tactical Response Assault Platform (T.R.A.P)

 Holding it in your hands, is hard to tell it wasn't sold this way.  only things I don't like are, the wings seems every so slightly un-even, and i'm not great at getting good pictures of smalls stuff, so I feel a lot is lost... also, regret not taking any progress pictures (even though there wasn't much done here), but i also have some other ships i'm almost done with and those don't have any progress pics either.

Over all I was Very happy with how this turned out.

Custom Game Stats included.
The Tactical Response Assault Platform is a military patrol boat. The 'Trap' is often sent in as a first responder or back up in potentially dangerous situations. Its hyperdrive and speed capabilities allow it to reach isolated areas or battlefield front lines in record times. It can be refitted relatively quickly with a variety of load-outs in order to fill needed roles. Unfortunately the ship is pretty costly for its size and it's versatile design also make it rather difficult to properly maintain, further adding to its operational cost. As a result of these high costs it is usually only governments and large corporations that can afford to field these ships. Despite the ships high operational costs, many smugglers and pirates are inexorably drawn to its versatility and destructive potential. And where there is demand there will at least occasionally, be supply.