Thursday, December 31, 2015

A few ships for the holidays

Hope everyone who had or has holidays to celebrate has or had a good time doing so.

I was cleaning house a while back and found a copy of Star Wars the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels that I acquired so long ago, I forgot I even owned it. Naturally I cracked it open and to my surprise there were several ships that were in this old text that were not already created by FFG or myself. So there was only one thing to do.

Here is a Selection of ships from that book that have not yet seen iterations from either myself of FFG.

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

Bantha-2 Cargo Skiff

Conqueror-Class Assault Ship

Crescent-X9 / Coruscant-Class Courier

Delaya-Class Courier

MT-AT Mountain Terrain Armored Transport

Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ship

Quasar Fire-Class Bulk Cruiser

V-Wing Airspeeder

Y-4 Raptor

I hope everyone enjoys these.
Unfortunately for me the events of everyday life with a child continue to suck up the vast majority of my free time. Additionally, I have also been experiencing some unexpected financial burdens of late. While these things are not the end of the world for me, they do mean I have had to cut back on certain things.
My updates regarding new material may slow down a bit further, but I will definitely do my best to continue updating stuff and working on material when and how I can.

PS. I was asked by a couple people about whether or not i can make it so that the Lightsaber Skill can have a variable base Characteristic that can be changed.
Short answer: no.
Long answer: I am an amateur at coding and most of what I did with these sheets was done with the help of google and a friend or two. while I have looked in to it, I can not figure out how to make it work. So until I have the time to find someone who can help me figure it out, it's not going to happen :(

thanks to those few who have donated. Every little bit helps financially, and it's always a nice warm and fuzzy feeling to know there are people who really support what your doing.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book of Stuff

Those of you who frequent or ... even occasional my little blog here...
you might appreciate this one.

I was tired of flipping through all the books to find items to reward players with, or weapons for bad guys to use and so on ...

so to help me more quickly decide on stuff, i combined all the tables for all purchasable items, weapons armor ect, into one easy to look through location.
And as i often do, i thought hey, i did all this work, why not share it with others, so i made a basic cover and credits page and BAM!... here you go... THE BOOK OF STUFF

Now, this is just for reference, the complete text describing the items is not present here. for starters it would make it less convenient for quick reference, but also i'm fairly certain that would be illegal.

as a result, the vast majority of the items and stuff listed in these reference tables are virtually useless if you don't have the corresponding source book to then look up what they actually do. But that's fine since it's just for speeding up the look up process anyway.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Force And Destiny Update

Finally managed to get all the Career Trees and new Force Powers done up.
So those are now available on the sheets page.

People warn you, but nothing does it justice... Baby's take a lot of time and energy.
Unfortunately there isn't much else to report at the moment.

At least this is out of the way and there aren't any new class books for a while, so I should have a bit of a break to focus on my other more interesting star wars projects.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Force and Destiny Core rulebook review

As a Stand Alone game
    Force and Destiny is decent, but not as comprehensive as its predecessors.
The racial selection makes sense and seems pretty enjoyable. There is no option to play a Droid though which seems odd, but this game is focused on the Force and droids can't use the Force so I suppose it makes sense.  While it is understandably focused on exploring the Force, for a stand alone game it ignores far too much of the Star Wars universe outside of the Force. Each of the available Careers is focused in some way on the Force or using the Force, which is good for the theme of the setting, but bad when it's the only thing your stand alone game has. Since each Career gives you a Force rating, there are literally zero options in this book for a player looking to play a non-force-sensitive character (I think that's a big oversight in a stand alone star wars game).
    The rest of the book is pretty basic, standard exploring gear, average space ships. The best part of this book is in its Morality system. The system is elegant in it's simplicity and (for the most part) implemented very well. The Force Powers available to the players cover most of basics that people are familiar with from the movies such as moving things and influencing the weak willed with your mind.
    While many people were worried that this book would be a 'big book of the jedi' it most certainly is not. The careers, talents and force powers do not add up to Jedi. The book focuses on using the Force, but never on being a Jedi. I would even argue that it does such a good job of diffusing the Force powers in among other stuff, that it actually makes the thought of playing a Force sensitive character rather un-compelling. I suppose that at least this approach leaves them room to get more epic later, so good for them.
As a stand alone game, this is probably the weakest of fantasy flights (now 3 total) Star Wars role play games.
    Stand Alone Score 6/10

As a companion game to Fantasy Flights other Star Wars role playing games.
   Force and Destiny adds a few new races, a lot of new Force related talents and powers and a new Morality mechanic. Thematically, Force and Destiny fits in very well with the post Imperial universe most of us imagine. The Jedi Order as it was does not exist, so this book does not train you to be a Jedi of old. On the other hand, the iron grip of the Empire has loosened so those with force powers are starting to explore them more openly. On the whole, Force and Destiny is a decent kick off introduction to Force users in the FFG Star Wars roleplay universe. That said, i'd still like to break down some of its additions and give good and bad points about each of them with a bit more detail.

New Races.
    Good: The new races all  make perfect sense and fit with the Force sensitive focus of this supplement.
    Bad: None of the new races have any particularly unique or engaging abilities, features or qualities with the possible exception of the Kel Dor.

New Careers/Specialization trees
    Good: They support in a variety of ways, the Force focus of this supplement. For already existing characters the new Specializations are varied enough to give most players a new option to continue their current focus while gaining some Force and Lightsaber abilities.
     Bad: Some of these trees definitely step on the toes of existing careers and trees. The varied nature of the new Careers and their Specialization trees means that Existing characters may have already spent significantly more XP to accomplish what they can now get from one or two of these new trees. Also, may make it too easy to get extra force rating?

New Skill
    Good: There is only one new skill (Lightsaber). Using a Lightsaber, you can do cool stuff later.
    Bad: Lightsaber skill is based off of Brawn (which makes very little sense for a weapon that weighs, at worst a few pounds and is primarily about agility and speed), where it should have been based off of Agility (i do understand that they did this for balance reasons as Agility is already the most important combat stat by far). It's an especially weird decision since there are talents that allow you to use almost any attribute to wield your lightsaber, and the coolest lightsaber tricks will require some other specified attribute.

New Talents
    Good: most of the new talents are pretty well worded and do neat things. There are talents that allow you to use other Ability scores instead of Brawn when wielding a lightsaber (that's neat). Lots of cool talents that use Force dice to help do cool stuff.
    Bad: a lot of the coolest talents require you to use Force dice to help do the cool stuff (not so awesome if you have a low force rating, or worse don't even WANT a force rating but want the cool abilities). The coolest lightsaber tricks are restricted to a specific Ability type such as Lightsaber (Intelligence), which means that you will never be good at all the lightsaber tricks, instead you might at best be good at one trick and mediocre at one or two others.
    I already recommended to my group that all talents that require a Lightsaber (Specific Ability) check instead just require a Lightsaber check which still allows you to use other Ability scores if you have training in those techniques.

New Gear
    Good: the new gear is pretty basic for the most part but at least it's there. The new lightsaber and the Holocrons and other Ancient Talismans category is where it really shines.
    Bad: not a whole lot of new gear. I am also concerned that the Talismans and Holocrons have the potential to be far too powerful if they experience any power creep at all in future content.

New Ships
    Good: The new ships add options to the game?
    Bad: There is nothing interesting or unique about the new ships. also, there aren't very many ships that are actually NEW if you include the other FFG star wars games.

New Force Powers
    Good: There are 6 new Force powers not seen in other FFG Star Wars games so far. Lots of versatility built in to all the Force powers makes them good for multiple situations.
    Bad: the powers Heal/Harm and Protect/Unleash sort of seem a little redundant even though they are technically different. Misdirect reminds me more of a fantasy word wizards illusion spell than of a force power. Battle Meditation steps pretty heavily on the toes of anyone who might be a non-Force user leader type.

New Mechanic
    Good: The morality scale is fairly simple, makes pretty good sense, and is pretty easy to manage in game. They take a complicated concept like morality and do a pretty reasonable job of applying numbers and rules to it.
    Bad: Considering how many ways there are to earn conflict and the ways in which it is earned, it is VERY easy to fall prey to the Dark Side. I know that the dark side is suppose to be the seductively easy path, but in a game it starts to be less fun when you want your character to be good, but being morally 'good' means shooting yourself in the foot on a regular basis by not taking advantage of dark side mechanics. I can easily envision players spending XP on powers that their character is rarely able to utilize, lest they 'give themselves over to the dark side'.... and if that's the case, then the player has very little motivation to spend that XP on those powers in the first place.

New Adventure
    Good: well put together, rather interesting and very easy to work in to other story lines.
    Bad: not particularly great if your group doesn't give a flip about the Force or Lightsabers, but then, if you didn't you wouldn't have the book so...

Over all, this book is about what I have come to expect; A great deal of material duplication, a reasonable bit of "new content", an almost willful ignorance of how it effects the other games, and just enough interesting new stuff to get people to pay. Surprisingly though, I think its actually a better book that Age of Rebellion when put in the context of the other FFG Star Wars role play games.

Companion Book score 7/10

Sunday, August 9, 2015

the ONE SHEET to rule them all

I have updated the sheets page to include my take on a universally compatible character sheet.
This is designed for compatibility and use with all three Fantasy Flight role playing games based in the Star Wars universe.

I had to move stuff around and condense some things in order to make space. I tortured myself about what to add, what to take away and where to put things. I tried several options and in the end found what I felt was a happy middle ground.

Not everyone will be happy with all the changes, but I am hoping that at minimum no one Hates them. Again, I tried very hard to find the most satisfactory middle ground between all the needs and desires I have had related to me.

Hope you all enjoy. :)

Character Sheet (4 pages)
    Character Sheet Printer Friendly. (4 pages)
Character SheetB (4 pages. less talent space with 2 more force power spaces)
    Character SheetB Printer Friendly. (4 pages. less talent space with 2 more force power spaces)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What I'm up to lately

I just picked up a copy of the new Force and Destiny core rule book the other day. been reading through it and getting familiar with it.

I am currently looking to do the following in the future.

  •  Write a review of Force and Destiny core rule book.
  •  Update my available Career/Specialization/force power pages to include new Force and Destiny Core rule book material.
  • Update my Character Sheets to properly reflect mechanics from all three 'separate' FFG star wars games. In this Update I am hoping I'll also be able to address some of the requests for changes that have been made by users of my sheets.
  •  Do a Starship post with some new ships (been a while since I did one of those)
  • work on my super secret project that may or may not ever see the light of day.

In my personal life: My wife and I had a baby recently, so my free time has gotten significantly more precious. As a result, all those things (which may or may not happen in that order) may take a bit longer than usual to accomplish but fear not, I am working on it.

I do this as a sort of hobby for myself and my own star wars role play group.. I share it with the community because I enjoy being able to provide others with cool stuff. (also I like to show off a little bit sometimes, and I do SO love to rant about stuff that makes me angry).
Anyway.. I never expected to be paid or to earn anything for my efforts other than maybe a compliment or two from strangers on the internet. Since I started this blog and gotten my custom content out there, I have been offered money for my efforts on a few occasions. I didn't think too much of it other than "wow, i can't believe people actually offered me money. I guess maybe my stuff isn't so bad after all".
then I told my wife that people had offered me money and I hadn't taken it.... she (rightfully so) looked at me like I was an imbecile and said "when people offer you money for the work you've done... you bloody well Take it!"
so...  while I would never demand money, or even ask for it... if you are one of those people who offered or would offer to support what i'm doing monetarily... I have added a PayPal Donate button to the main page.

Thank you to everyone who uses and enjoys my material. It makes me feel good and keeps me motivated knowing you are all out there enjoying my material.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Logo lovin'

I have said before that I think that all 3 of Fantasy Flights Star Wars role-playing games should have been released as one game with 3 distinct campaign settings.
Rather than talk (or rant depending on who you ask) more about that, instead I wanted to share another thought I had that was related.

I love graphic design and all things pretty, so.... If Fantasy Flight had chosen to release a single Star Wars role-playing game, with 3 distinct campaign settings, what could they have done for a logo or logos?

My first thought was to go with a retro look, then I did a some looking at images and decided I really like the Clone Wars logo box. I created this.

That was cool, but before I was even done with that (I finished it anyway obviously) I saw some other work that caught my eye. Now, I don't know who the original artist was or I would credit them for their inspiration (I tried to figure out who created this but came up empty handed). The original works can be seen here and here.  They were so pretty I decided to emulate them in style.
I created these and I love them.

That's all. I just wanted to share more of my creations with you all.
feel free to re-use them if you'd like (credit is nice but i'f you can't figure out the original author, I totally understand ;).

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Added Career Specialization and Signature ability trees from Desperate Allies to the Diplomat pdf.

Desperate Allies stands out above most of the other career specialization books.
It stands out not because of added glitz or glam, nor because of any cheap trickery or fan service.

Desperate Allies stands out on the merit of its fantastic theming throughout all its various parts.
The three new races are neat. The Neomoidians are a great thematic choice considering the capacities that we have seen them in in the movies and shows like Clone Wars. people won't be as familiar with the other two choices the Caamasi and Gossam. The Gossam and Caamasi are still built and described pretty well so that I could easily see choosing one of them to play a social-type character. Special note: the Caamasi special power sounds totally cool and really fun.

The new talent tree options of: Advocate, Analyst and Propagandist do a really nice job of helping to round out the Diplomat career trees while still staying on point with the mostly social nature of being a Diplomat. The new trees add variety and spice to the Diplomat career without power creeping too much and while still staying on theme.

The two new Diplomat signature abilities are on point. that is to say, they stay thematic and are definitely interesting. That said, the signature abilities are where my only complaints with this book lay.
The first signature ability Diplomatic Solution i think makes it far too easy for one character to completely usurp the roles and abilities of potentially the entire rest of the group. I know at my game in a party of 6 at least 3 characters are more or less geared toward some aspect of combat. This means that those players are looking forward to fighting something so they can make use of and show off their skills. Those fighters will be, at minimum, disappointed if some other character is constantly robbing them of those opportunities.
weird analogy time =   Good abilities should put the spotlight on your character NOT remove the other characters from the stage.
the second signature ability Unmatched Insight is really cool and definitely useful for a social based character.... buuuut.. i think it dips more than just a toe into what should be the realm of the Force. GMs and players need to be careful to make sure that characters aren't gaining preternatural knowledge from this power. Assuming you can't gain any preternatural knowledge from this power, I imagine this would be a VERY difficult power for the GM to deal with and potentially a disappointing power for the player to use.

Weapons, Armor and Gear all makes sense. No power creep, most stays on theme, some of it potentially useful.
some extra protocol droid options for purchasing or using as opposition.
Ship options make sense and have more cool "additional rules" (which is a format i like because of how it differentiates the ships).

there is a cool section in the back about setting up a rebel base and upgrading it. while this is slightly less thematic than the rest of the material, i could easily see working it so that your social characters (diplomats) are the people responsible for acquiring these sorts of things. plus, who doesn't love to have a cool base. not all of the base are belong to empire.

so yeah...  this book was pretty good.  all around happy with it. hope more of the books see this kind of quality.