Saturday, August 1, 2015

What I'm up to lately

I just picked up a copy of the new Force and Destiny core rule book the other day. been reading through it and getting familiar with it.

I am currently looking to do the following in the future.

  •  Write a review of Force and Destiny core rule book.
  •  Update my available Career/Specialization/force power pages to include new Force and Destiny Core rule book material.
  • Update my Character Sheets to properly reflect mechanics from all three 'separate' FFG star wars games. In this Update I am hoping I'll also be able to address some of the requests for changes that have been made by users of my sheets.
  •  Do a Starship post with some new ships (been a while since I did one of those)
  • work on my super secret project that may or may not ever see the light of day.

In my personal life: My wife and I had a baby recently, so my free time has gotten significantly more precious. As a result, all those things (which may or may not happen in that order) may take a bit longer than usual to accomplish but fear not, I am working on it.

I do this as a sort of hobby for myself and my own star wars role play group.. I share it with the community because I enjoy being able to provide others with cool stuff. (also I like to show off a little bit sometimes, and I do SO love to rant about stuff that makes me angry).
Anyway.. I never expected to be paid or to earn anything for my efforts other than maybe a compliment or two from strangers on the internet. Since I started this blog and gotten my custom content out there, I have been offered money for my efforts on a few occasions. I didn't think too much of it other than "wow, i can't believe people actually offered me money. I guess maybe my stuff isn't so bad after all".
then I told my wife that people had offered me money and I hadn't taken it.... she (rightfully so) looked at me like I was an imbecile and said "when people offer you money for the work you've done... you bloody well Take it!"
so...  while I would never demand money, or even ask for it... if you are one of those people who offered or would offer to support what i'm doing monetarily... I have added a PayPal Donate button to the main page.

Thank you to everyone who uses and enjoys my material. It makes me feel good and keeps me motivated knowing you are all out there enjoying my material.

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