Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Skill Focus

I was thinking about how vague and broad the skills are in Edge of the Empire...
it seems like some skills can be used to do an absurd variety of tasks.
ok, so I know you can't have the same variety as real life, it's a game and it needs to be pared down to be managable.
I thought maybe though i could create some skill focus type skills that might help to identify or at least narrow down what it is that a character is actually good at SPECIFICALLY within his general skill knowledge base.

So here is what i came up with....


At first I was completely in love with this idea. I admit that I am sort of a power gamer and I love any opportunity to be just that much better at something. sadly, as I really thought about this 'skill focus' thing a shift occurred and I decided I'm actually not such a big fan of it.
Not because it can't make me better at stuff, but rather because the game designer in me was forced to accept that it doesn't really "mesh" well with the formatting and style of the rest of Edge of the Empire.
At the end of the day I think a lot of these little bonuses would be better off as Talents in a specialization tree somewhere.

But hey, I did the work and made the damn thing... and it isn't terrible...
so why not share it with everyone :)
If you like it, use it.
If not, whatever.

I will say that if your campaign is particularly low-tech or the GM is stingy with the credits, this Skill Focus option might be a nice way to get some extra good dice into the mix.
If your GM is stingy with the XP though .... may the force be with you.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just some more ships..

Updated the Consular-Class Cruiser
then added Charger c70 retrofit Consular-Class This is the Clone wars combat version of the Consular-Class.  The Consular class is still one of my favorite designs. Now i feel that the designs are more accurately represented. yay.

also added, 

Deep-X Explorer

DPx Yacht

DPx-500 Yacht

Freighter Type C

ISP Swamp Speeder

Storm Skimmer Patrol Sled

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dangerous Covenants Update 2

Took me a while to get to this one.
I have changed some of my custom weapons to better reflect the new rules sets.
Specifically, bombs and Anti-Armor mines.
These are now listed as Explosives.
They are a little more powerful than some of the explosives shown in Dangerous Covenants (but hey, they are supposed to be military grade).
I also added the Cluster property to items. Allows for some hard hitting action.

Not a big update, but one I thought was important.

now, maybe I'll end up with some more free time and I can get back to the projects that really have me excited.