These are all Non-Official Ships that I have made stats for.
If/when Any of these have an official release, I will notate as such and leave my most recent version up for comparison.

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

Alpha-3 Nimbus-Class V-Wing-OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Stay On Target )

Alpha-Class Xg-1 Star Wing



Blade-32-A Superiority Starfighter

Blade-32-B Superiority Starfighter

BTL-S8 K-Wing

B-Wing--OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )

C-73 Tracker Starfighter

Chir'Daki (Deathseed) 

CF9 Crossfire Starfighter 

S-250 Chela-Class
Delta-7 Aethersprite-Class Light Interceptor --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Force and Destiny Core Rulebook )


Ginivex-Class Fanblade
I-7 Howlrunner

IRD Starfighter

IRD-A Starfighter

Liberator-Class Republic Starfighter


Miy'til Command Starfighter

Miy'til Starfighter

Nantex-Class Geonosian Starfighter

NovaSword Space Superiority Fighter

R-28 Starfighter 

Rogue-Class Starfighter

RZ-1 A-Wing--OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )

X-83 Twintail Starfighter

Zebra Starfighter

Crescent-X9 / Coruscant-Class Courier

Salon Pod Diplomatic --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )

Y-4 Raptor


Conductor-Class Short-Hauler Landing Craft CX-## 

Deep-X Explorer

DPx Yacht 

DPx-500 Yacht 

Dynamic-Class Light Freighter

Ebon Hawk Freighter

G9 Rigger Freighter  --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Force and Destiny Core Rulebook )

HWK-290 Light Freighter --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Far Horizons )
KR-TB  "doomtreader"

VCX-350 Freighter

YG-4210 Light Freighter---OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Enter the Unknown )

YT-700 Light Freighter 

YT-1000 Light Freighter---OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Enter the Unknown )
YT-1210 --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Suns of Fortune )

YT-1250 Light Freighter 

YT-1760 Small Transport --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Far Horizons )

YT-1930 Light Freighter 

YT-2000 Freighter 

YT-2550 Large Freighter

YU-410 Light Freighter 

YV-100 Light Freighter

YV-666 Light Freighter 

_____________________Gunships (basically freighter size with military grade arms/armor.)

AIATI Amphibious Interstellar Assault Transport Infantry 

Defender-Class Light Corvette

YV-330 Light Freighter

YV-330 Security Freighter

YV-929 Armed Transport---OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE (Dangerous Covenants AND Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )

X-4 Gunship  

STC003 Starcrasher

Gozanti Cruiser --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )

Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber

Class VI Bulk Freighter

Freighter Type C

HT-2200 Freighter--OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Far Horizons )

XS Stock Light Freighter 

YZ-775 Light Freighter ---OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE (Dangerous Covenants )


_____________________Capitol Ships_____________________

Charger c70 retrofit Consular-Class  See also Salon Pod Diplomatic

Consular-Class Cruiser  --OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook ) See also Salon Pod Diplomatic--OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )
Foray-Class Blockade Runner

Nexus-Class Corvette   (can not verify canonicity)

Virgil-Class Corvette--OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE ( Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook )


_____________________Heavy Cruisers

_____________________Star Destroyers



I have tried my best to research these ships and make them as accurate as possible within the rules set of EotE. I try to make stats only for ships that have sufficient information that i feel comfortable in the accuracy of my stats.

In Ships Complement section 
an entry of  " Co-Pilot/Engineer (1) "  means that ship REQUIRES a co-pilot or engineer to function.
an entry of  " Co-Pilot/Engineer (1o) " indicates that the ship has space for an Optional co-pilot/engineer, but does not require one to function.
In entries that simply list a crew number, it is assumed that this is an average crew size. The ship could likely be flown or operated at a basic level by a vastly smaller number of individuals.

If you don't like the stats on a particular ship, feel free to change them as you feel fit.


  1. Curious, how did you come up with the base prices for these ships?

    1. All listed prices are for NEW ships.

      First I consult Wookieepedia. If the ship has a listed 'new' price, I generally would go with that.
      If the ship does not have a listed new cost, I would guess at a cost. I do this by comparing the ships size and capabilities with other ships, first against ships already published by FFG at the time I created the ship entry, then against other ships on Wookieepedia. By comparing the created ship with an unknown price against similarly sized and similarly capable ships that DO have a price, I feel my estimated costs are generally reasonable.

      In some rare cases, a ship with a listed price on wookieepedia would seem to be either exceptionally low or high for a ship of its size and capabilities when compared with other published and un-published ships, with no clear reason for the discrepancy. In these rare cases I made small adjustments to bring it's cost more in line with the rest.

      If some ships seem either too costly, or oddly inexpensive, remember that the availability (galactically) of the ship sometimes plays a role. And of course, the cost of a NEW ship is significantly higher than when you buy used, especially if you're a Smooth Talker who happens to Know Somebody.

      hope that sufficiently answered your question.

  2. i just wanted to say thank you for this amazing website. also will ever add to this? i know its been a few years since you made this site and i don`t even know if your still active but its worth asking

    1. Fair question.

      I do not have plans to continue creating Star Wars specific supplementary content (ie: ships, varient rules, bad guys, ect). I don't have the time, energy or desire to compete with FFG.

      I do however, have some plans in the works and some alternative material on the way. I'm hoping in a month or two to make my first big update of unique content in a while.

  3. i was hoping to get you to look at the twi'lek chir'daki starfighter. its technically an ugly, however it it is produced to a standard design by the twi'lek people

    1. I worked up my interpretation for you.

  4. Hey don't know if you know but the dropdowns for the Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Star Destroyers, Battle Cruisers, and Dreadnoughts aren't working.

    1. I think I only had a couple of ships in those categories, and they ended up having official publication stats available, so I removed them. There is no drop down because there are no ships to list.

  5. Hey Bastion, a bit of a strange question, but do you happen to recall the size of the square for the ship images?