Sunday, August 9, 2015

the ONE SHEET to rule them all

I have updated the sheets page to include my take on a universally compatible character sheet.
This is designed for compatibility and use with all three Fantasy Flight role playing games based in the Star Wars universe.

I had to move stuff around and condense some things in order to make space. I tortured myself about what to add, what to take away and where to put things. I tried several options and in the end found what I felt was a happy middle ground.

Not everyone will be happy with all the changes, but I am hoping that at minimum no one Hates them. Again, I tried very hard to find the most satisfactory middle ground between all the needs and desires I have had related to me.

Hope you all enjoy. :)

Character Sheet (4 pages)
    Character Sheet Printer Friendly. (4 pages)
Character SheetB (4 pages. less talent space with 2 more force power spaces)
    Character SheetB Printer Friendly. (4 pages. less talent space with 2 more force power spaces)


  1. You able to make a sheet that has Duty, Morality and Obligation all together on it?

  2. yes. The first 2 character sheets on the Fillable Sheets page.

    1. Sorry I should have specified I mean a group sheet for GM rolling purposes. I know I can do it with a piece of paper, but would kind of like one was looking a bit better.

    2. oh, I see.
      That is actually something I was going to work on at some point. I have a couple things that are GM specific that I am hoping to finalize and get released at some point. So you can look forward to it happening eventually. Just not sure exactly when.

  3. I really do enjoy the character sheets you have done. One thing I would like to see is for some skills where talents can change the attribute you use for that skill permanently to select the new attribute for that skill to calculate dice pool. Other than that, awesome job.