Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book of Stuff

Those of you who frequent or ... even occasional my little blog here...
you might appreciate this one.

I was tired of flipping through all the books to find items to reward players with, or weapons for bad guys to use and so on ...

so to help me more quickly decide on stuff, i combined all the tables for all purchasable items, weapons armor ect, into one easy to look through location.
And as i often do, i thought hey, i did all this work, why not share it with others, so i made a basic cover and credits page and BAM!... here you go... THE BOOK OF STUFF

Now, this is just for reference, the complete text describing the items is not present here. for starters it would make it less convenient for quick reference, but also i'm fairly certain that would be illegal.

as a result, the vast majority of the items and stuff listed in these reference tables are virtually useless if you don't have the corresponding source book to then look up what they actually do. But that's fine since it's just for speeding up the look up process anyway.

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