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cybernetic implant cap house rule

cybernetic implants
house rule (replacement)
A character may only purchase and install a number of Cybernetic enhancements equal to 1 plus his ranks in the Resilience skill.      

standard rule
     The standard rule that this alters is:
                “A character may only purchase and install a number of cybernetic enhancements and replacements equal to his Brawn rating” – Force and Destiny Core Rulebook, pg 182.

     Many characters will now have easier access to more cybernetics at a lower investment cost, without sacrificing a relationship to the physical characteristic, without changing the normal maximum cybernetics allowed, and without being forced to invest in directions that may be far outside the characters desired path or intent. Characters with high Brawn will be required to also invest in Resilience if they are interested in high levels of cybernetics.

     With the number of cybernetics a character can have tied to Brawn rating, this forces many character types to increase their Brawn if they want to do more than dabble in cybernetics. Unfortunately, increasing a characteristic is often a huge investment and in this case, doing so may not be in line with the rest of the character concept or desired direction.

     Here is the description for Brawn:
                A character’s Brawn represents a blend of brute power, strength, and overall toughness, as well as the ability to apply those attributes as needed. Characters with a high Brawn are physically fit and hardy, rarely get sick, and have strong constitutions. Brawn is used for a number of physical skills, such as Athletics and Brawl. Brawn is also used to determine a character’s starting wound threshold.” –FaD Core Rulebook, pg 24

     Other than being ‘hardy’ and having a ‘strong constitution’ this doesn’t much sound like it would have anything to do with cybernetic enhancements. Next we will review the description for the Resilience skill.
                The galaxy doesn’t stop moving just because a character needs a break. To achieve their objectives, characters must have the perseverance to overcome the most challenging obstacles. These can include sleep deprivation, hideous climates, and malnutrition. Characters might also ingest toxins, either inadvertently when scavenging for food or due to the malicious actions of an infiltrator. Resilience represents a character’s physical fortitude against all threats of this sort. This skill reflects the body's ability to be pushed beyond reasonable limits.” – FaD Core Rulebook, pg 125.

     The Resilience skill clearly represents the ‘hardy’ and ‘strong constitution’ that the Brawn description was talking about (makes sense as it is based on Brawn). Having a limb replaced, or a micro-chip wired into your nervous system falls pretty nicely into the category of physical traumas that are hard to endure like ‘hideous climates, malnutrition and toxins’. Finally, a character that has a low Brawn, may still have a high Resilience skill, suggesting a toughness in that character that goes beyond mere muscle and strength.
     The one arguable downside is that characters that already would have a high Brawn rating will now also be required to invest in Resilience if they are interested in large numbers of cybernetics. This, however, is not all that terrible as it still makes sense from a game mechanics and role play perspective as well as helping to level the playing field with other less Brawny characters.
     As a result, it makes pretty good sense that the ability to accommodate more cybernetics be tied to the Resilience skill as opposed to the Brawn characteristic.

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