Monday, October 8, 2018

Unlimited Power update

New Races
The Good: Solid choices all. Thisspiasian is a long sought after addition for many.
The Bad: Thisspiasian will almost always be spelled or pronounced incorrectly.

New Specializations
The Good: Alchemist is a sort of Force healer with some extra potion crafting abilities making it an interestingly versatile pick. Magus and Prophet are both useful in their own right.  Each Specialization feels like it was designed for a race option in this book.
The Bad: Not always a 'bad' thing for some, but there are far too many talents with Conflict costs for my personal tastes.

New Signature abilities
The Good: Unmatched Destiny could be useful to ANY force user, and seeing as how versatile the Mystic Career is, it is well placed here.
The Bad: Prophecy is the kind of signature ability/talent/power/ect designed to give GMs headaches at the table and keep them up at night. As a GM i would constantly be upset by the powers stated ability to tell the characters some portion of the future (this can easily ruin a GMs plan when there is one, and can be rather difficult to accommodate when there isn't one). I feel like as the GM I would constantly be approaching this power with a competitive mind "how can I satisfy the power, without actually giving the player too much or screwing myself". If the GM is successful in technically satisfying the powers requirements without actually giving away too much, then i feel like as the player i would feel consistently feel let down by a virtually meaningless XP sink. All that said: on that tiny razors edge, where the player is satisfied, and the GM isn't driven insane, this power could theoretically be incredibly fun.

New Force Powers
The Good: Conjure and Alter are incredibly cool and will no doubt lead to some amazing characters and even better cinematic moments at the table. They offer strong abilities without being over powered or problematic.
The Bad: None.

New Gear
The Good: Decent selection of new weapons and gear. Very nice that a lot of it relates either directly or indirectly with the new races in the book.
The Bad: None.

New Vehicles
The Good: Two interesting stand outs are the Tagge Dustcrawler (a modular vehicle like a wheeled train that can vary in size) and the Ithorian Herd ship (large space worthy city ship). The new mandalorian starfigher is also pretty good.
The Bad: None.

New Game Mechanics
The Good: New Alchemical and Talisman crafting opens up more options in the game. Follows similar rules to other crafting mechanics.
The Bad: Alchemical and Talisman crafting sounds pretty open ended, but the rules for what you can do with them are very limited so I see lots of house rules and homebrews in the future of any practitioners.


Unlimited Power is one of the better recent additions to the FFG star wars universe. There is no duplication of material, nothing horribly broken, on the Mystic theme ect. I think maybe the thing i thought was the most impressive was how integrated the book felt. Almost everything in it seemed to tie together, from the races to the specializations, force powers and gear it all felt like it belonged. I might have chosen a different name for this supplement, but Unlimited Power is a very solid offering.

Overall Score: 9/10

I have updated the Mystic and Force power trees to include material from this book.

Alternate title preference:
     Visions of Power

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  1. The GM "Get out of Prophecy Hamstring" card: Always in motion is the future.