Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fully Operational update

New Races
The Good: No duplication. Average racial traits.
The Bad: Nothing.

New Specializations
The Good: Many a game will benefit from the Droid Specialist role as he finally fills the lack of a droid 'doctor' role (tangentially filled by mechanics previously).
The Bad: Sapper is what Saboteur always should have been and that's great, but now poor Saboteur looks like the un-focused beta build it was. Shipwrights be wary,  there are several skills that will be universally helpful but check with your GM and make sure your campaign will support your specializations other interests or you may regret this one.

New Signature Abilities
The Good: The Harder They Fall is a fun sounding ability that can really help characters or groups overcome otherwise insurmountable odds allowing for more flexibility in encounters and some really cinematic moments.
The Bad: Nothing too bad, but the more stuff your party has access to the less likely it becomes that Unmatched Ingenuity is going to be relevant or make a meaningful difference.

New Gear
The Good: A handful of cool new weapons (stuff with blast and concussive) and explosives as well as a few neat tools to add to the mix. A couple of circumstantially neat armors. Nice new armor and weapon attachments (can never get enough of these options).
The Bad: Explosive compounds are still awkward.

New Vehicles
The Good: Some good ground vehicle options. Some extra ship attachments and weapons. Probably the shining star of this is the Caisson-Class engineering troop carrier. The Caisson has low Hard Points but it makes up for it in base level versatility (provided by its passenger capacity and vehicle complement relative to its size and crew requirements). Best of all the Caisson is a silhoutte 4 and costs only 190,000 making it a very viable option for a starter ship.
The Bad: Nothing.

Expanded Mechanics Rules
The Good: More options for customization of hardware. Some nice new options in the very small ships category: think speeder bikes and 'cars'. Theoretically there may be some nice options in larger craft?
The Bad: These rules are more poorly (or maybe just awkwardly) written than previous customization option rules (think weapon crafting rules). It also seems far less practical (hard to practice this skill) due to the massive costs involved. I may not be understanding the rules, but I tried to figure out how hard it would be to create some of the base ships using this skill... and as far as i can tell MOST of the base vehicles are either incredibly difficult to replicate using this mechanic or down right impossible to replicate due to un-included special modifications (for instance: the best ship in this book is the Caisson-Class engineering troop carrier, a vehicle that you could not possibly make using the rules provided in this book for vehicle crafting).
If you think ship building sounds fun, makes sure you read this section several times and then come up with a handful of viable goals before you even make a character for this.... otherwise your setting yourself up for failure and dissatisfaction.

Over all score:  6-10

I've updated the Engineering Career with the new Specializations and signature abilities.

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