Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Playset, The Miscreant

The Miscreant

A highly modernized relic from the Clone Wars, the Miscreant is a unique anomaly amongst the Imperial fleet. From her driven Captain and compassionate Commander to the elite Arc Platoon, the ship benefits greatly from the diversity of her crew but will those strengths prove to be her greatest weakness as well?
Jump into the adventure with the Miscreant Playset and decide for yourselves.

What is a Playset?
A playset is a grouping of ideas (that may include; characters, vehicles, rules, etc.) designed to create a modular setting that can be used in full or part, in a variety of FFG Star Wars gaming environments and campaigns. Many details are given in order to spark the imagination and set a complete scene, but in order to facilitate modular functionality of the playset many details are intentionally left to the discretion of the GM.

This idea is by no means incredibly original, there are many variations of this concept out there for various other rpgs. Imitation is the highest form of flattery or something right? While I may not do a ton of these, I like the idea of them. 
It feels more natural to create material for this game when there is some sort of basic setting to build my ideas on. I often do this sort of thing in my head for my own game(s). I just figured, why not flesh my ideas out a bit more and put it all down to share with everyone. Playsets seemed like the way to go for creating and sharing some of these ideas.

fun fact: the ship in the picture is actually a Venator-Class Star Destroyer model from Revell that I built and painted myself.


  1. CR90 Corvette please must have!!! doing RPG need stats... help me...
    brain melting

  2. Stats for the CR90 exist in already published FFG books. I don't remember which books exactly at the moment, but i'm pretty sure there is a version released in EotE, AoR and FaD books.