Monday, June 12, 2017

Disciples of Harmony update

TLDR: Not a bad book..  Not a lot of negative things to say. Unfortunately with a couple of exceptions the positives are also fairly lackluster.  overall rating 7/10 because there also isn't much in the way of duplication (my least favorite thing about all these books)

The Good: No reprints. Moderately on-theme with some cool aspects to each race that would be fun to play.
The Bad: No overly unique traits except maybe the Pau'an lifespan (average 700).
     ps.  how can 'no one' remember the Jedi when there are whole races of people who could have lived hundreds of years with the Jedi order before and expect to live hundreds after, the Jedi downfall? I know 'maybe they are just bullied into not talking about it but this question always stabs at the back of my brain.

The Good: No reprints. Arbiter and Teacher are very on theme and both have some interesting talents to explore. Ascetic can be a very interesting option for those 'loners' or quiet-master types. Ascetic is especially interesting if your game is low in wealth as it supports a character intentionally keeping material possessions to a minimum.
The Bad: Ascetic seems off theme and has a talent with a conflict cost.

The Good: No reprints. Very on theme. Circumstantially either power could be extremely useful. In low combat or more narrative games, both powers could come in handy very frequently.
The Bad: In combat oriented games these powers are likely to prove lack-luster. Even in games that really support the use of non-combat skills and powers Much To Learn may not be as great as it sounds at first. Much To Learn is about sharing your skills and abilities with allies. Sounds great except they have to be near by, and if you're that close why not just do it yourself? after all you have those skills because you wanted your character to be good at those things so you could do those things yourself. Not to say the power isn't still likely to be useful, just that making full use of it will require more planning on the GMs and players parts.

The Good: No reprints. Imbue is pretty awesome and will prove useful in almost any situation and really shine in moments where the character gets to support another character who is having a spotlight moment. Ebb/Flow can give the player a little extra edge in combat or potentially even narrative encounters (though it won't likely be a game changer)
The Bad: Ebb/Flow will require a lot of record keeping.

The Good: Whappity. Some cool non-lethal weapon options (can be really useful for the local law enforcement as well as the players). Individual Field Disruptor is pretty awesome. Most of the gadgets are pretty on theme and seem generally useful.
The Bad: Even though the Individual Field Disruptor has a heavy price tag and is a Restricted item, if those are not played up (and maybe even if they are) it could prove too powerful a weapon/tool for many games.

The Good: A couple of interesting and unique ship options here, maybe even some good story fodder.
The Bad: A few reprints.

The Good: lots of story telling opportunity. could add some extra weight to a party with few PCs.
The Bad: May be a bit clunky to manage and care needs to be taken to make sure the experienced Mentor isn't detracting from the awesomeness of the player character(s).

The Good: some cool story fodder and even mechanics in the 'alternative force traditions' section. Helpful chart for using die results in diplomatic scenarios. 
The Bad: nothing unusual.


Consular class career sheet.
Force powers sheet

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