Saturday, May 13, 2017

Alpha-Class Xg-1 Star Wing

By request,  The Alpha-Class Xg-1 Star Wing

In my interpretation of this ship, I used the Missile Pack weapon option instead of the standard Missile tubes. I know that Wookiepedia says they have two missile tubes with 8 missiles each, but lets face it.. based on EVERY SINGLE depiction it looks like it has missile tubes lined up 3x2.

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Basic math says that's 6 missiles, but if i'm to believe that each side is "one missile launcher with 8 missiles" it means that only 2 of those visible missile tubes have a 'reload' missile. If none of those tubes have a 'reload' then the ship only has 12 missiles total, not the indicated 16.

To stop my brain from exploding from this discrepancy, i decided to just give the ship 2 missile packs.
I know... I know..  in the FFG rules, each missile pack holds 8-10 missiles and fires them one half at a time. So the numbers still don't add up. But it makes my brain way happier to pretend the ship is firing 3 missiles at a time from a 6 slotted missile pack than it does to pretend that only 2 of 6 tubes got a refill missile, or that this little starfighter gets a whopping 16 missiles to fire one at a time.

With missile packs, this starfighter only gets 4 shots with it's missiles but they pack a serious punch, which still lines up with its over-all assault role.  and more importantly, it is far easier to visualize based on all the depictions.

can you tell that this kind of junk gets under my skin?

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