Friday, November 10, 2017

Ghosts of Dathomir update

I have finally gotten around to making a much needed update. 

Added  Jerserra's Influence, the new Force power from Ghosts of Dathomir to to the Force power list.
Updated the ALL TREES file to include everything up to Ghosts of Dathomir.
Made several other small corrections.

I don't usually purchase or review adventure books. 
I'm kind of a sucker for Dathomir. I was looking forward to this book for a while and did in fact pick up a copy for myself.
I won't do a full review, but as a huge fan of the Dathomir Witches, Dathomirians and the Dathomirian Force lore, I will say that this was a VERY appropriately named book. When it comes to touching on the true potential of Dathomir and it's history,  Ghosts of Dathomir is not but a shade of what it could have been.

In personal news.
Part of the reason I haven't been updating as often is because I had a second child.
Very happy with my family, but have limited free time.
Another huge contributing factor to my lack of posting, is that the Star Wars roleplay game I had been a part of for quite a long time broke up a little over a year ago and I have not found a replacement group/game.
Not that I have copious free time, but I've been entertaining the idea of trying to get back into a game... 
Anyone in the south Bay Area got a group I can be a part of? lol


  1. Congratulations for your child !!!
    And ty for the review and the update :)

  2. Hi, is there a list of adversaries anywhere? If there is, I wasn't able to find it.