Saturday, February 15, 2014

Suns of Fortune Review

I wasn't terribly impressed by Enter the Unknown, but Suns of Fortune is a different story..

At 144 pages, Suns of Fortune has Enter the Unknown beat for page count. Whats really impressive though is just how jam packed with great material these 144 pages are.

This book is exactly as advertised. It explores and helps inform us on the Corellian system and sector of space.

Chapters 1 and 2. (exploring Corellia and the Corellian sector)
There is a plethora of information and back story on many locations that can help a GM plan a session, or a player plan a character background. The artwork is nice and the information is top notch.
Perhaps my favorite aspect of this whole book is found in these first two chapters. what is my favorite aspect you ask? the baddies..  the number of monsters, npc characters, and other opponents that are provided in these chapters is impressive. It's always helpful to have a big list of pre-made baddies/npc to pull from and Suns of Fortune expands this list immensely over released material so far. Even better, all these baddies are presented in a way that keeps them relevant to the core concept of the book ie: exploring Corellia and the surrounding area.

Chapter 3. (player options)
My single largest complaint/issue with this book is Corellian Humans. In a universe like that of Star Wars, there is such a huge plethora of alien species to draw from that creating an offshoot of a species that has already been covered (humans) is, in my opinion a wast of page space. You can get across the point that the Corellian sector is 'different' in other ways. If it's the stat/bonus combo that you liked, you could have called the Corellian Humans something else, given them different artwork and left the stats the same... it would have felt even more 'different' and region specific than the Corellian Human. leave altering already existing races and creating off-shoots to players and their GMs at home.. lets see more of that Star Wars variety.
I have heard some people complain about the quality of the weapons in Suns of Fortune, claiming they are under-powerd or unimpressive. I feel like while they may not be the best for those power gamers out there, they are varied and interesting in design and capabilities. I personally like some of the new weapons.
New gear....  there is a fair amount of it. I am happy to see another cybernetic, and i look forward to more in the future. The rest of the equipment is neat and definitely up to snuff.
There are lots of new vehicles, most of them only so-so in quality or capability. I always like to see more vehicles, after all I am a huge vehicles fan. What i would like to see, is more vehicles with increased modularity, as well as more interesting vehicle capabilities. Ships like the A-36 Pathfinder-class or the E-9 Explorer-class (from Enter the Unknown) with their unique ship capabilities come to mind.

Chapter 4. (modular encounters)
Won't say much about this chapter other than this; more bad guys is good, modularity is good, nice job.

All in all Suns of Fortune is a huge step above Enter the Unknown. I like its format, I like its content.
a nice 8/10 on this one. Good job FFG guys.

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