Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FINALLY! something real!

So I did a review of Suns of Fortune the other day.. but before that it had been a while since my last real update.
Life...  blah..
I have been ... very slowly...  working on something and It's finally done.

I made printer friendly (no background image) of my character sheets.
neat, but not a HUGE deal...
the thing that took forever was Career and talent tree stuff.

But it's done. I have all the career and talent trees entered and good to go. Up and running...
It took forever because while I saw some other very nice (much nicer than mine honestly) home made renditions of the talent trees, i wanted my own. Not only so that i didn't have to ummm.. 'borrow' someone else's work, but also because i have some more plans, and i wanted to have the groundwork set up for those.

Anyway.. the point is.. i finally got something done and i'm on my way to more..

Check out the trees on the Fillable Sheets Page

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