Monday, December 23, 2013

New Vehicle Attachments

I have redesigned the Speeder bike rack.
In order to keep things relatively simple i broke it in to two separate attachments.
a Speeder Bike RACK (for carrying a fixed number of bikes externally) and a Speeder Bike Deployment System (a modifiable system designed for internal bike storage and deployment).

Updated the Compact Retrofitted Hanger Bay for better balance. (mostly just takes up more of your ships space).

Added an attachment version of the ANQ 3.6 tracking system present in Enter the Unknown but only available on the A-36 Pathfinder. Not exactly an original idea, i know, but sometimes it just helps to have it listed, or you forget that it could be an option.

Sensor Array Amplifier (extends sensor range) added so you can see whats out there before it sees you.

Cargo Pods and Twin Cargo Pods added. Add a little more storage when you need to, or add a lot just because.

Probably the most interesting and most difficult piece I've been working on.
Hard Point Refit.
not strictly an "attachment" but I didn't really know where else to put it at the moment.
Basically this is just a mechanic and system for converting some of that extra Encumbrance capacity your ship has, into a more useful Hard Point. Be careful though, or you'll spread your ship thin and find yourself in trouble.

Check out all of these in more detail here, Vehicle Attachments (normally found in the Depot).

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