Friday, December 20, 2013

Encumbrance compared to actual weights

I understand that a combination of item properties or qualities are mashed together culminating in this sort of 'abstract' representation that is Encumbrance. But really Fantasy Flight? You have ventured into an established and exceptionally well documented universe. A universe whose fans and lovers are often dare I say, a bit on the nerdy side. One of the best resources for looking up the plethora of cannon that is out there for star wars is Wookieepedia. It is a shining example of just what kind of fan base Star Wars and SWeotE has. So we are a bunch of nerds who like to be creative (that's a big part of why we are playing your RPG).  When you have creative, intelligent fans/users, and your delving into a universe as established and well recorded as Star Wars, This kind of Crap is unacceptable.
I mean really.....   did ANYONE think about this???
Look at those numbers...  LOOK AT THEM DAMMIT!
I can forgive a bit of discrepancy based on the Encumbrance concept... but not this..
ZERO consistency! None of it makes any damn sense.. i tried.. i really did.. i tried to figure out your secret formula. i played math games with these numbers for days.. all i got was chewed up fingernails a broken keyboard and a weird vein thing on the side of my head.

I want to create more material. I want to add to the collective. I want to feel confident that my contributions are representative of already published material... but.. i can't .. i can't tell whats what.  I can't have any faith that you're going to stay even remotely true to what the entire rest of the star wars community has already agreed upon.
I hope there is some way that this kind of inconsistency can be addressed and resolved.

In the mean time, I'm sure I'll keep making material. I'll just tell myself that I'm focusing on the real nature of the game. Narrative Role Play.... because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how fast my ship is compared to his, or how much it can hold, or which way is up, or if 6 and 10 have the same value, as long as we're all having fun.

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  1. I agree this is BS. I love the encumbrance system for personal use, far easier than calculating trivial weights of sabacc decks and a few items and blasters. But for the vehicle scale I think i will stick to the numbers from the old West End Games and use kilos. It makes more sense at that scale that you don't care about encumbrance since it's a ship, and more than likely you measure your cargo by the kilo or ton.