Monday, October 7, 2013

SHIPYARD PAGE now up and running

A place where I add ships that I have made stats for.
all presented on one of my custom sheets.

starting line up..

  1. AT-OT All Terrain Open Transport
  2. Republic Troop Transport Walker
  3. ARC-170
  4. Aurek Class
  5. BTL-S8 K-Wing
  6. B-Wing
  7. E-Wing
  8. Ginivex-Class Fanblade
  9. Nantex-Class Geonosian starfighter
  10. RZ-1 A-Wing
  11. Ministry-Class
  12. J-Type Diplomatic Barge
  13. Class VI Bulk Freighter
  14. Dynamic Class Light Freighter
  15. Ebon Hawk Freighter
  16. Consular-Class Cruiser (bare)
  17. Hammerhead-Class Cruiser

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